Visual Archaeology Workshop

A Subsidiary of InVison, Inc.

© 2017

The Visual Archaeology Workshop presents:

The SIlo City Workshop including the Francis G. Ward Pumping Station

The Silo City Photography Workshop, in its fifth year, is offered under the umbrella of the Visual Archaeology Workshop.

The Visual Archaeology Workshop is for photographers, architects and historians with an interest in the urban environment and industrial heritage. The Visual Archaeology Workshop provides a series of programs in a supportive environment for those photographers who are either confident in their mastery of the technical essentials of the medium, but who want to develop a personal way of seeing or are in search of an opportunity to increase their technical skills. Ultimately, working on both helps us develop our photographic “voice”.

You do not have to be a photographer to attend the worksop. In the past, half of the attendees were there to explore and learn about this unique urban environment.  

The spirit of the Visual Archaeology Workshop is professional and friendly. I consider photography to be among the most powerful artistic disciplines ever created. I think of expressive photography as a life-long involvement, and my workshops will reflect that philosophy. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, but the intent is quite serious. I encourage direct discussion and an open sharing of information.

I want the experience of the Visual Archaeology Workshop to be richly rewarding for committed individuals who feel that they have something to say through the power of the photographic medium. My intention is to assist dedicated individuals develop personal confidence and fulfill their personal artistic promise over time. I anticipate that each participant will be at a different stage of that process, but that all are on the same path. My goal is to move each individual photographer further along that path through a shared, friendly experience with others of like mind.

If the above means something to you, my workshops are what you have been waiting for.

                                                                                                   Mark Maio